Obstruktionist Ed. 3 2012

Performative screening at Past Vyner Street, London
Curated by Laurence Wagner, Nicolas Brulhart, Adeena Mey

Taking place over one night, OBSTRUKTIONIST questions notions of ownership and dispossession as they relate to and negotiate boundaries in the way space, image and identity merge to form a matrix of possibilities within which a subject performs one’s agency. Having taken place at two alternative venues in Switzerland, the event will unfold into an assemblage of spatial and audio-visual apparatuses creating temporary oblique spaces and multiple suspended temporalities. Using the “Search by image” tool on Google, the contributing artists have been asked to research, select and collect series of images that relate to the idea of a utopian space, tackling the frontiers of ownership and dispossession of images as enacted by the search engine. Can such a space be created? Who owns its representation? Can we claim this imaginary back? Assembled into a continuous projected loop, these images thus produce the baroque cartography of a space of dissension and interruption, standing on the verge of utopia and dystopia.