fig-2 34/50 Veronika Hauer

fig-2 34/50 Veronika Hauer
Solo show at ICA Studio, London

Cuckoo # 3, 2015
Three figurines, fired clay, acrylic paint, 15-30 cm
Displays by Andreas Heller, 2015
Plywood with a top layer of birch

Prints (Left to right)
Cuckoo # 1, 2015/12 70 x 105 cm
Cuckoo # 2, 2015/13 70 x 105 cm
fig2, 2015 70 x 105 cm
baldachini, 2015 70 x 105 cm
1 2 3 (Necker Pyramid), 2014 70 x 105 cm
semaphore dance, 2015 70 x 105 cm
speech is to be looked at, 2015 70 x 105 cm

Semaphore Dance, 2014
HD-Video, colour, 15 min
Voice over: Lauren Printy Currie

speech is to be looked at, 2015
HD-Video, colour, 3, 47 min

The Signal/Hampstead Heath, 2013
Framed Photograph, 40 x 30 cm
Photograph: Rudolf Steckholzer

The Signal/Hampstead Heath, 2015
Audio recording 3,12 min
Voice over: James Wren

Veronika Hauer’s work embodies the medium of performance expressed and elaborated through writing, speech, sculpture, video and prints. Hauer’s exhibition at fig-2 gathers existing and newly produced works relating to performance without immediate physical activation. Produced in steady dialogue between the artist’s intention and audience’s perception of a piece of performance, the exhibition will feature the video pieces ‘Semaphore Dance’, 2014 which premiered at the recent Glasgow International, and ‘speech is to be looked at’, 2015, a series of poster works and Hauer’s ‘Cuckoo’ series. These works depict performance as subject matter, inviting the audience to engage with the imaginary. Additionally, online contemporary art magazine Nowiswere plays a significant part in Hauer’s artistic practice. For the first time in its seven-year history, the magazine’s first printed issue is being launched on the occasion of the exhibition. Activating the idea of live publishing, contributors Andreas Heller and Barbara Kapusta will unveil their contributions live for the audience.

Funded by: bka, Austrian Culturalforum London, fig-2